Friday, June 4, 2010

she's got you high and you don't even know yet; the sun's in the sky, it's warming up your bare legs. You can't deny you're looking for the sunset.

My life, currently.

Let's just say, I miss school. I miss having something to focus my time and effort on. I'm looking for a summer job, but that's not so easy in a small town. Let's hope things start looking up!

On, a better note, the sun's out, and who can keep a long face when the sun shine's as bright as it does? I was inspired today by the song "she's got you high" by Mumm-Ra :)
I love high wasted ANYTHING, next on my wishlist is some beige high wasted long pants. Along with a fitted cream blazer :)
My current fetish when it comes to fashion is LACE. as you can probably tell :)


  1. Love the outfit. I'm also a big fan of lace and high wasted pants. I need to invest in both of these items more. Good luck finding a summer job, I'm looking for one myself. Following you now - maybe come by and follow me too :)