Friday, June 4, 2010

photo journal: week 2

Day Eight

Mood: disapointed, disspirited

Well, I'm back in Ottawa and while I'm happy to see all my friends, i have to immediately throw myself into school work, since I've got a bajllion projects, essays, midterms, etc comming up before I know it. yay life.

*please take me anywhere but here

Day nine

Mood: Stressed, happy ;)

Well, I'm having an aweful time trying to find enough time to study for my midterm which is wensday...I'm stressed to the max, and I imagine that it will only get worse. On the other hand, I am very happy to be back in Ottawa again to see my dear friends :) ahaha, there's always good and bad to everything.

*His mop was fancy, oh yea, it was so fancy. You should have seen the way he cleaned it all when he was dancing.

Day Ten

Mood: Excited, STRESSED

My midterm is tomorrow, I had absolutely no free time to study for it yesterday, which I'll admit is my fault. Also, I lost my english syllabus which is necessary for my life. period. yet, I had an awesome time with Olive, britt and Mel times fosho ;)

*Let the rain fall

day eleven


This was a great day, I had a photoshoot with my frannnsss :) And then another friend came down for a visit! Good times ;)

*lady lala

Day Twelve
Mood: frustrated
I hate drama queens.
That is all.
*I'm a little tea cup, short and stout...

Day Thirteen
mood: enlightened, calm
I love my necklace and the one who gave it to me :) When the going gets tough, I call monsieur Justin and everything is better! I'm calming myself and focussing on school. I have so much that needs to be done, so I'm getting my but in gear, haha.
*and all I can do is just laugh :)

Day Fourteen
Mood: tired (because it's really late, haha)
I luurve my family, they are the best>
side-note: I'll stay classy, cuz that's how I was raised :)
*Now that she's back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair...

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