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My thoughts on "Fallen" by Lauren Kate.

So this is the latest novel that I have read, and I'm glad that I did. First off, you should know straight away that when it comes to books, it doesn't take much to get me interested. I'm the type who can get into any story (almost), no matter what the subject. You should also know that I'm one of those people who "judge a book by its cover"; I don't like reading the infromation on the flaps or in the back of the novels because they sometimes give away too much information that I'd rather find out for myself as I'm reading... it increases shock value :)
Alright, so let's start with resuming the main parts of the story:
Fallen, a novel written by Lauren Kate (also the author of: The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove) is a novel which holds many classic themes and struggles, such as : the fight between good and evil, betrayal and of course, love. The story begins in a different time, a time in the past. The characters are nameless, and we see a man drawing a woman, and that same woman moving to approach him. They speak of thier love for eachother, and the man senses danger, he knows what it coming though we do not. They kiss and shadows invade them, leaving us in suspence this way, it ends and we begin the first chapter.
We find ourselves in the present day, and are introduced to a young girl of 17 years named Luce Price. Straight away we are informed that Luce is not a regular girl, that she has a dark side to her which frightens both her and the people who know her. She sees what she calls "shadows".
Luce price is attending her very first day of reform school after a tragedy has befallen her and her friend (who has passed away). She blames herself for this incident, and the people around her become either frightened of her, or believe she is crazy for not remembering everything that happened that night.
Moving on, Luce is immediately introduced to the other new arrivals at Sword & Cross (the reform school), and finds herself immediately drawn to a boy named Daniel Grigori, but soon becomes confused when she sees him a second time in the cafeteria and flips her off for no reason.
Time goes by, and Luce makes friends, and meets someone else named Cam who seems to be very interested in her, yet she can't seem to take her mind off of Daniel, though he continues to either ignore her or treat her with the upmost lack of manners.
Throughout her reform school days, the shadows never leave her, and she soon finds herself in trouble over and over again. First when a large grave almost topples over her and Daniel during a conversation. This is the first time that she is warned to stay away from Daniel, from a school bully named Molly.
Throughout these mysterious occurences, miss Sophia (the librarian) gives an assigment to investigate your own family tree. But instead of tracking down her own, Luce decides to find about Daniel's family instead...which happens to be really interesting.
So Luce and her friend Pen are doing reaserch in the library and see Troy reading there. pen goes off to ask Miss Sophia about the book on Daniel's family history when suddenly the fire alarm goes off.
not able to find Pen and Miss Sophia, Luce and Troy are alone together, fighting against the fire. Throughout all the havoc, they become seperated and Luce wakes up in the hospital and finds out that Troy is now dead.
She also remembers a dream she had when she was unconsiouse, a dream about Daniel having glorious wings.
When she is awake, she later sees Daniel at her hospital door, holding flowers and mouthing the word "sorry" to her.
His hot and cold attitude continues to intrigue her and she decides not to give up on Daniel though she has an equally handsome guy Cam who is fighting hard for her attention.
Once Luce is better, she begins to spend time with both Cam and Daniel, and it doesn't take long for both guys to begin fighting over her. Luce wants Daniel, and when she tells him this, he shares something with her as well...something that changes everything.
Once the secret is out, the war begins and soon a deadly battle breaks lose. Identity's are revealed as well as secrets, it's a novel to remember...
I thought this novel was very original and altogether a very good read. Lauren Kate keeps the suspense alive within each chapter, revealing new and exciting twists throughout the entire novel. Coming to the end of the novel, we find some things left unexplained, which (if you're like me) could really bother a person. But I suppose that's why she's making a sequel called: Torment. Which we'll have to read to get the rest of the story, I suppose. But despite the lack of vital information, I highly recomend this book to anyone. It truly is a great read, and I cannot wait for the sequel to come out.
To order the book from, click the link provided dirrectly bellow. You won't regret it :)

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