Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Down with the bloody red queen!

PART ONE of my Alice in Wonderland project

Recently I started my Alice in Wonderland photography project and I'm already so excited with the results and I can't wait to continue. Kayla played the red queen for me and she looked so excellent! I'm only posting one picture because I want to post everything at once, so I'll be posting teasers until the end result is done.

We originally were going to put red sequence sparkles on her lips to make the heart, but we couldn't find a way to make them stick, so intsead we lined the heart with black eye-liner and then filled it in with cherry red lip stain. It still looks amazing if you ask me! We did however, stick a red sequence sparkle on either side of her eyes. I put some orange eye-shadow and lined her top and bottom lid with black liner and packed on the mascara. She makes a brillinat red queen!

The dress we used, we found at a consignment store and at first we weren't too sure about it, but I have to say, she pulled it off and I love the end result. Her shots aren't finished of course, I'm going to need the red queen's shots that follow the story. I'm so very excited!!!


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