Tuesday, May 25, 2010

we're all mad here.

I am inspired!
I was thinking about next year, and how I'll be doing some photography courses in university, and realised that my portfolio is lacking. And so I've been inspired to hold a photoshoot inspired by Alice in wonderland :)
I saw tim burton's movie in the theaterof course and had the idea back then, and only now am I completely set on it. I will hold it in a couple of weeks, I've maped out a plan and studied my inspirations, which are:
(NOT) the movie {Although I *did* love it}
*my 2008 prom dress
*Lewis carroll's book
*Gwen Stefani
*Mia Wasikowska

I bought this dress online at "nexteve.com" they have amazingly beautiful and *cheap* dresses, each one unique, I love it. Anyways. I'd bought it for my boyfriend's prom that year. As I was watching the Alice in Wonderland movie I immediately thought of this dress.
It will be used as one of the dresses that Alice will wear in my shoot.

I love the little details on this dress, mainly the bow. I love bows<3

Basically, I'd use any excuse to wear it again, and I've found one!

Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", an obvious classic and my guide to my photoshoot. I've decided to shoot the photos as though the story is being told through them, and I'm going to use the novel as a guide line. I am so very excited to do this!

I just had to add my favorite quote from the book: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

Next on my list of inspirations for this shoot; Gwen Stefani and her music vedio for :whatcha waiting for? It has an Alice in Wonderland theme and I'm determined to channel some of Gwen's uniqueness and style in the photoshoot!

And finally the actress who plays Alice herself in Tim Burton's film: Mia Wasikowska. Not her part in the movie really, but her shoot in teen vogue and a quote as well:
"everybody has thier own idea of who she is. So [Tim Burton and I] discussed, very early on, just being happy with her being our Alice...making her my own"
-Mia Wasikowska
Which is what I plan to do! I've already started on props and costumes, I'm half way there!

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