Monday, May 24, 2010


My dress has arrived! But good news hasn't :(

First: The dress :)

I saw it on e-bay and immediately sent the link to my mom hinting at an easter present. She'd gotten it for me, but it took weeks and weeks for it to finally come in (unnecessary complications and all that) Anyway, it was going to be used for the dinner party I had planned, cooked and bought for (the "white party") but it was cancelled. So instead, some of us took some pictures in our new white clothes.

The dress is an off white lace vintage and is my new favorite :) I'd even gotten countless accessories to match. I will definately find the time to rescheduel the white party sometime this summer. There was far too much work gone into it to have it cancelled completely.

Pearls and my prom ring from last year...and my dress of course :)

I'd gotten these silver edible balls from bulk barn to decorate some of the cupakes (there was also flowers and coconut that we has used) They were adorable, it was a shame they went to waste.

And the bad news? Today was my last day with Justin. He's leaving for the summer for work and I won't see him for over three months. This summer isn't looking up really, I don't yet have a job, everyone else does or is at school so I'm usually alone, and now Justin is leaving. I miss Ottawa already!


  1. Steph your amazing I love you <3

  2. haha, that would be a creepy comment if I didn't know it was you Em! ahaha.