Monday, August 30, 2010

summer trip- DAY T W O.

Day TWO :)
Well, today was MUCH more exciting. We began the day by shopping! (at the Gorgeian mall), where I finally got to go into H&M after a year of not being able to. I am very happy with my perchases to say the least. A new school year always calls for a new wardrobe.

After shopping, we returned to our camp to eat some lunch, but left soon after to head to WASAGA b e a ch !

Me and two of my sisters at the beach! We'd just gotten out of the water. We had so much fun diving into the huge waves! A perfect summer day.


It was a bit chilly and really windy, so it wasn't crowded at all at Wasaga, which was great for all of us. We had space to do as we please without knocking into anyone, haha.

In the waterrrr, before the huge waves!

Unfortunately our doll Carlos wasn't involved in our afternoon at the beach, but we still included him somehow ;)

Sisterly love.

My new circle sun glasses from H&M :)


And so that was day two, lots of summer funnnnnn. the post for day three is comming sooon!

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